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Tuesday 6.06.17

Buy in: 3 Turkish get-ups/side unweighted. Yes, unweighted. 5 reps/side 1-arm overhead squat unweighted. 

2 minutes/person partner calf-smash. 20 reps GHD sit-ups.

5 200 meter runs, walk back. If possible, run from the corner of main and cowart. Pro-tip: do not sprint if you have not run fast in a while. Source- have witnessed countless injuries from this activity. If you won't be running, sub a 250 meter row.

finisher for time:

1 round of 25 med ball squat cleans (25/50), 25 wall balls, 25 toes to bar.

Monday 6.05.17

Buy in: 1 minute each-Asian squat, Captain Morgan stretch.  With a PVC pipe 10 reps each- snatch balance (power), OHS, Overhead reverse lunge 5/side. Mobilize.

Weather permitting: 10-15 meters standing broad jump. 5-10 efforts total.

5 rounds Barbell complex (resist the temptation to work too heavy) I'd recommend, 53/95. Straight sets.

5 reps each- snatch-grip deadlifts, snatch-grip RDL, hang power snatch, overhead squat, power snatch

Rest 2 minutes between efforts.

Then 3 sets of 8 reps back squat progressive loading. (50-70%)

Saturday 6.03.17

9am Mike.

Friday 6.02.17

Buy in: Remove sleeves, salute the flag, high-five a trainer and execute a double biceps pose. Russ do this outside so you have room. 10 reps- band shoulder complex, band pull aparts, band no-money drill.

20 minutes of-

Odd minutes complete 10 reps bench press at 60-70% of 1RM (pick a weight and stick to it- yes, unbroken)

Even minutes complete 10 reps rows (barbell, dumbbell or rings- pick one and stick to it)


3 sets circuit fashion(for pump) of: Dips,chins, hammer curls. No, there's no weight or rep prescription. It's called instinctive training, get some.

Thursday 6.01.17

Buy in: Tabata downdog progression. Mobilize.


Complete 5 rounds for time of:

Run 400 meters

15 reps Back Squat 95/135