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Tuesday 7.25.17

Buy-in Run 400 meters. Mobilize. 5 reps each movement, progressively load your bar to prepare for the wod.

FGB-format 3 rounds. Record total reps

Power Cleans 95/135

Back Squat 95/135 (no rack-be careful and scale as needed)

Dips (ring,bar or bench)

Row/Bike for calories


Monday 7.24.17

Buy in: Tabata format med-ball circuit- :20 candlestick , :20 alternating floor touch, :20 hollow-rock hold, :20 pullover, repeat. Mobilize.

Minute 1 Hang snatch, from the knee snatch, from the floor snatch (touch and go fashion, lifter's choice: power or squat).

Minute 2 Push Jerk 5 reps (use the weight you have on the bar for snatches)

Minute 3 Burpees 7 reps

7 Rounds Progressive loading (keep weights clear of barbell drop-zone)

Saturday 7.22.17

9am Mike is in the eye of the Jacinto Storm!!! beTHERE!!! Bring a friend, Saturdays are always free. 

Friday 7.21.17

Buy in: Tabata style - do the Dougie. :20 on :10 off x8. Mobilize your legs with all the tricks you know and need.

Back Squat: 2x3@50%,2x3@65%,2x3@75%, 4 sets of 3@80-85%. For these heaviest set, use the same weight you used during our most recent heavy squat day.

Finisher: Really? IF you need/want one, update your 30 calorie max effort time on the assault bike.

Thursday 7.20.17

Buy in: Tabata-style: air squats, jumping jacks,skipping in place, roger rabbit, repeat. Mobilize your shoulders and get some reps of each movement and/or devise a substitution.

In 20 minutes complete as many rounds as possible of:

Row 10 calories

5 Ring Dips

1 legless Rope Climb

5 Strict Handstand Push ups (sub strict press)