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Monday 9.08.08


5 Reps 115# (50#) (Full Squat) Clean and Jerk

5 Pull Ups

10 Rounds for Time

7 Burpees

Saturday 9.05.08

Free WOD is on!  Kick your weekend off CrossFit Style.  Meet at the box at 9.  Leaving the box no later than 9:10.  If you get there late, come find us at Coolidge Park.   We are starting under the Market Street Bridge to kick off the WOD. 

Friday 9.05.08


Thrusters 95# (65#)



4 burpees

Thursday 9.04.08

Park WOD

20 Box Jumps (on the terraced steps)

Run 400 Meters

20 Push Ups

Run up the Ramp

5 Rounds for time

Wednesday 9.03.08

8x3 Back Squats@ 85% 1 RM

1,1,1, Supramaximal Quarter Squat Rack Lockouts

3x3 Front Squats@ 90% Clean 1RM

4 Sets (2 per side) Step Ups onto 20"Box  w/ Kettlebell Overhead 5 Reps

2 Sets (one per side) 1 legged squats (pistols) to failure