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Tuesday 8.05.08

 Where's the Beach?

Max reps bodyweight Chin ups (underhand grip from a dead hang- dead hang means straight arms!) to failure

Max reps ring push ups to failure

Max reps bodyweight rows on the rings to failure

Max reps 45# barbell curls to failure

3 rounds

Monday 8.4.08

5x5 Power Cleans

5x5 Cleans

Friday 8.01.08

No free Saturday WOD this week!  

"Ham Sandwich"

8 reps Romanian Deadlift

8 reps each leg reverse lunge w/ KB overhead in alternate hand

8 step ups on 20" box each leg w/KB overhead in alternate hand

8 single leg bridges each leg

8 back extensions

No rest between exercises. 3 rounds. 3 minutes rest between rounds

Thursday 7.31.08


3 rounds for time

400 Meter run

21 Kettlebell swings

12 Pullups




Wednesday 7.30.08


5 suitcase deads 95# (20k KB )

5 push press 95# (50# )

5 box jumps

Clock runs for 20 minutes. As many rounds as possible.  Parentheses are loads prescribed for females.