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Thursday 10.16.08

Hardcore Tabata Encore



Ring Rows

Overhead Barbell Calf Raise ( arms locked out overhead, raise your heels off the ground and back down)

Contralateral  Plank ( static plank pose, using left hand/elbow, right foot or vice versa)

In the words of Robert Earl Keen, the Road Goes on Forever and the Misery Party Never Ends.

and 45 burpees. Of course WOD burpees don't count.

Wednesday 10.15.08

"Tabata Party"

You are all invited to 20 minutes of absolute hell pure enjoyment using the Tabata Protocol.  For the unitiated the Tabata Protocol is 8 consecutive cycles of 20 seconds on 10 seconds off. We will complete the full 4 minutes before moving on to the next exercise.  Enjoy!

Romanian Deadlift

Sumo Deadlift High Pull

24" Step Up

Knees to Elbows

Bottom to Bottom Squats

44 Burpees

Tuesday 10.14.08

"Pressing Issues"

10 Floor Presses

20 Pushups

30 Med Ball Chest Passes (back and forth= 1 rep)

20 Minutes AMRAP

this is a partner WOD.  total rounds must be completed together.  Hope your partner's not a puss wuss.

43 Burpees.  Please post whether you are still on the Burpee Train to comments.  I know Molly is still in.  Craig?  Anyone else with cojones?

Monday 10.13.08

Fun with the Poole Boy:

Deadlift>Power Curl 15 Reps

Front Squat 15 Reps

Double Unders 50 Reps

5 Rounds for time

and 42 Burpees

Saturday 10.11.08

Free Saturday WOD + 40 Burpees

Meet at 9 at the box (inside this time)

Call if you're lost 423-240-5355