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Thanksgiving Schedule:
No 6:30 pm class on Wednesday, 11/22/17.
No Turkey Day classes.
Friday, 11/24/17: One WOD, 10 am.
No Saturday Class.
Reopen Monday, 11/27 for Mike Alley's BDAY--normal schedule.

Wednesday, 6.11.08

Main page WOD:

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3

Post Load to comments.


The rower has arrived! A brand new Concept2 Model D PM-3  is ready to rock! Also got a chilled water dispenser installed and got notification that we are officially insured.  We also made our submisssion to CrossFit HQ for affiliiate acceptance today.  If all goes well we will be sanctioned by HQ and linked to the CrossFit family around the globe within the next few days.  Our space is almost ready to open.  We would like to invite everyone to the Get Built OPEN HOUSE this Friday evening.  Please come by, see our space, pick up some heavy stuff, practice muscle-ups, have some cold water, and get ready for Saturday's WOD! :)  Drop in after 5;  we will be there until about 7:30. 










My Kitty is BACK!! :) :)

Monday, June 9th

Main Page WOD:

Run 800 m

Run 400 m backwards

Run 800 m

Run 400 m backwards.

If you did this WOD yesterday, let us know what you thought.  We hated/loved it.  The track we ran on had a very distinct, uh, odor to it, making the workout that much more interesting. 

Sunday's WOD

Rest! Actively. Here are some inspiring examples of effective hip extension, to reiterate the importance of what we discussed yesterday. Bob, Jonathan, David--I have video of the three of you doing cleans if you want to view/scrutinize your form.


Run 200 (??) meters, 25 med ball cleans with ten foot wall throws--4 rounds for time.

 Today we held our first free Saturday WOD.  Several fellow CrossFitters came to suffer together, cheer each other on, and learn the mechanics of a clean.   Spectators encouraged our athletes through the final rounds of the brutal WOD.  Great effort, everyone!  Congrats to Daniel for being the first finisher!






Free Saturday WOD...

As mentioned earlier, we are hosting our first free WOD tomorrow. It will be at the First Tennessee Pavilion beside Finley Stadium at 9 am. Drop us a line if you think you'll make it out, or if you have questions.  We will be posting pics.  Also, we received shipping confirmation today and expect to receive our very first Concept 2 rowing ergometer in the middle of next week!  Yay toys!  Stay tuned...