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About Me

I started lifting weights at age 14 in my garage. My dad had a weight set from Sears.  The weights were covered plastic plates filled with cement and a one inch bar (made by DP, I think). I religiously read Muscle and Fitness and worked like mad to look like the guys in the pictures. I think I weighed about 135 at the time.  This was the beginning of my life-long love affair with training.


In the 1990s, I worked for the YMCA in Knoxville while going to UT, and later became a YMCA Program Director in Chattanooga. 


Post-college, I spent two more years at the YMCA and then got a corporate gig. After 6 years in Industrial Sales in the corrugated box industry (a period I now refer to as "the wilderness years"), I realized that work did not have to be filled with cutting dies and sales managers. I recommitted my life to helping improve their lives through physical fitness.


My fascination with kinesiology inspired me to become a licensed massage therapist (LMT).  After completing massage school in 2005, I quit my corporate job and began working full time as a massage therapist and personal trainer.


Though I discovered kettlebells and gymnastic rings in 2002, I didn’t start hearing about CrossFit until 2006. Friends who knew about my passion for fitness told me about Greg Glassman and www.crossfit.com. In 2007, I started listening to those friends and began to explore CrossFit WOD's. By early 2008, I knew I would be opening an affiliate. I'll never forget the feelings of exhilaration I experienced reading "The Garage Gym" article in the CrossFit Journal for the first time. Watching videos of Coach Glassman preaching about the fundamentals of how a gym should be set up and run—which was completely contrary to the conventional model—made me positively ecstatic. I knew there was no other thing in the world I should be doing. And so... here we are. Twenty two years after reading those fitness magazines in my garage, I still love the iron, but choose my role models more wisely.



On Certifications

I have held many different training certifications. I believe that training for this industry should come from a variety of places. In addition to my daily (some say obsessive) research on physical performance and training, I have taken two university-level anatomy classes, and I keep my massage therapy license current by fulfilling annual continuing education requirements.


For several years, I was certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Personal Trainer. In December of 2008, I decided not to renew this credential. Instead, I further diversified my training qualifications by becoming a Certified Sports Performance Coach through USA Weightlifting. I attended this training seminar at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs in March of 2009. Additionally, I have attended clinics put on by Dr. Stuart McGill, Eric Cressey, Alwyn Cosgrove, John Berardi, Brian Batcheldor, and Bill Roberts.



Protein, Protein, Protein


Standard disclaimer: Whole food sources of Protein are typically better than powders. I preach practicality and convenience. This is where powders come in. Lots of times people ask me what I recommend concerning protein powders. I'm not a nutritionist. I will share my opinion though and share the information I've read.

I like Biotest supplements and, as a long time customer, I feel confident in steering people their way. There are some other Get Builter's who have tried their stuff who would be good to consult too.

I love Metabolic Drive Complete, chocolate flavor. It’s a meal replacement product with fats, a sane amount of carbs (including 8 grams of fiber) and 40 grams of protein. Even mixed with water, it tastes sweet, creamy and delicious. I use it at breakfast on days when I'm not going to make the time to cook.

Throughout the day if I'm pressed for time or not inspired to cook, I like the low carb version of Metabolic Drive. I like both flavors. Katrina is not as stoked on the Vanilla, but she does like the chocolate.

Look for powders that feature a blend of casein and whey. I am prejudiced against soy.

Post-workout formulations feature very simple sugars and readily digestible protein (typically in the hydrolyzed form). Biotest's Surge fits the bill and tastes fine.

In the final analysis I don't believe powders are magical, but they are easy, tasty and practical.


End Biotest commercial.  I am not compensated or remunerated in any way by Biotest.