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Saturday, 11.07.15

We're running out of 2015. It is almost gone. Yikes. 

I'm going to lay out some upcoming opportunities to manifest your fitness:

November 16- 100 day burpee challenge

End of January- Indoor rowing challenge at UTC (2k row)

Early February- Share the love multi-wod, multi-box fundraising CrossFit a thon.

Late February-March CrossFit Games 2016 Open

We need to find our current 2k time.  We need to find our 100 burpee time. We need to find our Isabel time. We need to find our Murph time. Expect to see a blend of strength and bodyweight mastery as points of emphasis in the near-term programming cycle(s). You know, kind of like CrossFit-type stuff.

Sunday, November 23 2014


If the 2015 Open Schedule conforms to the 2014 calendar, then Thursday, February 26 is the date of the unveiling of the first CrossFit Games Open Workout.  CrossFit HQ posted the first games update of 2014 on January 1, 2014. Again, things may unfold differently, but let's go with what happened last season as a guide for 2015. Let's say it another way- 95 days until the first Open workout is revealed.  Take a minute to reflect on how you felt last year after each of the workouts.  Consider your own personal lowlights and highlights. What promises did you make to yourself after you finished the double under/snatch AMRAP?  What about the OHS/Chest to bar ladder? Do you have a bodyweight you'd consider your ideal performance weight?  Are you close to it now?  What are you doing about it?  Is there a baseline weight in the squat you need to be at, in order to feel like you are Open-ready?  What workout or movement combo would you most hate to see come out of the hopper?  Anything with muscle-ups? What are you doing to get better at muscle-ups?  You catch my drift, you are smart people.  Take stock and let's talk... soon. The Open is coming... ready?

Sunday 5.25.14

Congruence is somthing that I find interesting to consider.  I've been thinking about the difference between what an athlete expects of themselves and their ability or inability to meet those expecations. This led me to explore cognitive dissonance.  On Wikipedia I found this:

Leon Festinger's theory of cognitive dissonance focuses on how humans strive for internal consistency. When inconsistency (dissonance) is experienced, individuals largely become psychologically distressed. His basic hypotheses are listed below:

  1. "The existence of dissonance, being psychologically uncomfortable, will motivate the person to try to reduce the dissonance and achieve consonance"
  2. "When dissonance is present, in addition to trying to reduce it, the person will actively avoid situations and information which would likely increase the dissonance"


Number one provides an excellent insight into why we might be driven to improve our fitness and our ability to meet the challenge of a WOD with less discomfort, physically and by extension psychologically. Number 2 provides brilliant clarity on the phenomenon of cherry-picking and even stopping vigorous exercising altogether.  Are you still reading?  Thanks for your attention, now bear with me cause there's one more big idea I want to copy you in on. Its affective forecasting (which I'm pretty sure I read about in a Malcolm Gladwell book or a book by Kahneman) I'm copying this again from Wikipedia:

Affective forecasting (also known as hedonic forecasting or the hedonic forecasting mechanism) is the prediction of one's affect (emotional state) in the future. As a process that influences preferencesdecisions, and behavior, affective forecasting is studied by both psychologists and economists, with broad applications.

Kahneman and Snell began research on hedonic forecasts in the early 1990s, examining its impact on decision making. The term "affective forecasting" was later coined by psychologists Timothy Wilson and Daniel Gilbert. While early research tended to focus solely on measuring emotional forecasts, subsequent studies also began to examine the accuracy of forecasts, revealing that people are surprisingly poor judges of their future emotional states. For example, in predicting how events like winning the lottery might affect their happiness, people are likely to overestimate future positive feelings, ignoring the numerous other factors that might contribute to their emotional state outside of the single lottery event. Some of the cognitive biases related to systematic errors in affective forecasts are focalismempathy gap, and impact bias.



So yeah let's try to sew it all together.  "...people are surprisingly poor judges of their future emotional states".

1. Remember this if you read a wod and begin dreading the experience.  

2. Being realistic and accepting about where you are on the fitness continuum can reduce later disappointment.  Don't read this as advocating complacency.  Assessing accurately enables more precise forecasting, which can reduce your "psychological distress" following a workout that might provoke feelings of frustration or inadequacy. 

3.  If I could put this in Dr. Phil tough-love talk it would sound something like:

Don't be a pouty bitch because you got stomped-on by a workout and Billy whooped your ass and trounced your WODIFY ranking.  What were you expecting?!  You've never been able to: Handstand walk/muscle-up/chest to bar pullup/overhead squat/clean/snatch/jump high/wall ball/go hard for long (pick one or add your own to the list) all that well, so why would that miraculously have corrected itself unless you've been prioritzing creating some improvement in (exercise you suck at here:     )???!!!

Get your head out of your ass and you will begin to cultivate congruence- that consistency between what you think you should be able to do and what you can actually do, and thereby reduce congnitive dissonance and improving your affective forecasting- making you a more well-adjusted human being. The world needs more of them.

Once you've adjusted you can get down to mapping out just how you're going to become the world beater you've dreamed of being. To quote Stephen Covey, "Discipline is just as important as vision, though it is second in the chain. Discipline represents the second creation. It's the executing, the making it happen, the sacrifice entailed in doing whatever it takes to realize that vision. Discipline is willpower embodied. Peter Drucker once observed that the first duty of a manager is to define reality. Discipline defines reality and accepts it; it is the willingness to get totally immersed in it, rather than deny it. It acknowledges the stubborn, brute facts of things as they are".

Let's keep it real.

Wednesday 3.23.14

I'm underground. One layer deep. Welcome to the basement if you've made it in.  Just shooting from the hip here. I'm going to be tweaking the "release date" of each wod on wodify.  More accurately, I'm going to play with delaying the time the workouts post to wodify. Just an experiment to see if I can maximize blog relevance.

Tuesday 4.22.14

It appears to have begun.  The next wave is upon us.  Slowly the edifice is eroding as time mercilessly drags on.  Count this, count that, the data is the thing. This realization inspired my image selection last week when I chose the picture of a spent John Henry laying on his back after beating the steam drill.  Wodify is the steam drill.  I can work like mad but I can't stave it off.  I've even internalized a new mantra with echoes of Richard Sherman. His refrain was L.O.B.  That was the team rallying cry- stood for Legion of Boom.  Mine is NFC. Nobody f something (I forget) Cares. Or maybe they do. About their numbers.  About their performance and their winning or losing.  But that's the cheese all the gym rats want to pursue.  And of course, that's logical. Improvement is the essence of the whole thing after all, right?  How do we know if we're getting better unless we record our numbers and track our performance DATA?  For years, (several in fact) I've written "post time to comments". And.... people rarely do it. BUT, (huge but here, like bigger than Kim Kardashian's) people posted entertaining things.  With Wodify, I fear the impetus to contribute to the blog has diminished.  And its nobody's fault. It just is.  Someday the blog will simply be this:


Is that bigger than yours? Is it faster? It is?!  I win. Kinda makes it all worthwhile.

Monday 4.21.14

We've dubbed this Wodify week. You're going to get some numbers that should help you fill out your wodify profile info and eliminate some guesswork when we peform percentage-based lifting.  1 rep maxes aren't the only benchmarks we'll be performing either. Good times!

Wednesday 4.16.14

Where do we go now?  The Open is behind us, so let us look ahead.  Expect the programming over the next 4-6 weeks to become oriented towards more regular exposure to Squatting and Pressing featuring sets ranging from heavy triples to heavy sets of 8.  Also, with an eye on swimsuit season, you'll be peppered with metabolic circuits (think interval-type work). My favorite intervals involve medium weight Olympic lift variations.  Stoked?

Monday 3.31.14

The 2014 Open: How'd it go? Feeling pretty good? Feeling bad?  I am pumped for everyone that undertook the challenge.  Once the sting of disappointment or the glow of accomplishment fades, (shouldn't be more than a day or two), take the opportunity to decide what your goals are for the coming year as it pertains to crossfit. Maybe like me, you'll vow to feel "prepared" no matter what comes down the pike. There were likely wods in this open that made you feel bitter. Maybe more than one, maybe all of them.  Whatever your deficiences may be, they were laid bare for all to see and that doesn't have to be a net negative. In fact you've been given a catalyst for improvement.  The worse it stings, the more motivated you can become.  Use that. Use that "failure" and disappointment to make you better.  If you choose to stay in the game, you will most assuredly get another chance to take the test when the 2015 CrossFit Open rolls around.  This sport has score keepers and places and points and prizes and all of the stuff that goes along with "competition", but all of that stuff means so much less than your pursuit of personal improvement and development and health and well-being.  Ulimately- be proud. Trying matters, damn it, and you tried.  Keep trying. You'll get better, shoot, you'll getBUILT!