We teach the CrossFit basics with private sessions. Click here for more info about getting started with Get Built Chattanooga CrossFit!   

We offer a free week-long trial to see if our gym is right for you.  To start your free trial, simply look at our schedule here, and email us at getbuilt.crossfit@gmail.com to tell us when you are going to show up. No further action is needed...just get in the gym and be ready to work! 

Pay for classes online!
Pay for your classes online



What is CrossFit?


CrossFit means something different to each one of us.  Read the articles below to learn more about CrossFit methodology and concepts.  Once you start CrossFitting, though, you will see that it is about something much bigger than a fitness program and a nutrition plan.  For some, it is simply a way to get a great workout in a short amount of time so they can get on with their lives.  For others, it is a nuturing community, a family, an on-going group therapy session...  You will decide what CrossFit means to you. 







Get Built offers several rate packages to meet each athlete's needs.

 We run a 5-on, 2-off program. This means that we will conduct Workouts of the Day (WODs) each week day, and Saturday and Sunday will be our rest days.


On-Ramp Class: Fundamentals of CrossFit:

An introductory class for clients who are new to CrossFit. This class will focus on form and intensity and will stress the need to ‘listen to your body’ when performing the workouts. On-ramp is a prerequisite for participation in group workouts at Get Built.  This helps ensure safety at our facility.  Currently we run, on-ramp only in individual settings, by completing six one-on-one sessions with a trainer.  Group On-ramp classes are not available at this time. Private on-ramp can happen anytime and are scheduled by appointment only.  Please email us to schedule your sessions! 

Cost:  Private on ramp:  $250, for six one-on-one sessions with a trainer, and the balance of the month of unlimited CrossFit classes.  


Upholding the tradition of CrossFit is important to Get Built.  We will maintain the integrity of the program while providing coaching and scaling for our clients. Because not every athlete comes to CrossFit in elite condition, it is imperative to have a skilled, knowledgeable trainer to scale the workout to each client’s ability. Each client receives an individualized workout without the cost of personal training, and with the motivation of a group atmosphere.  To attend group classes, participants must fist be familiar with  CrossFit or complete the On-Ramp program described above.  Cost:  Unlimited WOD class participation, $135/month; 8-class pass: $120/month;  Out-of-Town Drop-in rate:  $20/session (we will give you a tshirt if we have one in stock). 



Personal Training: 

One-on-one personal training sessions are available by appointment only.  This option is best for people who prefer to train without a group.   Cost:  $40/30 minute session; $55/45 minute session; $75/60 minute session.


Small Group Training: 

Specialized group classes are available upon request and by appointment only.  Group size will be limited to 4-5 participants.  This option is best for those interested in cutting costs but still receiving personal attention during training.  Examples of small groups include wedding parties, team athletes, etc.  Cost: Varies with number of participants and duration of training.  Contact us at getbuilt.crossfit@gmail.com for details. 


Please note:
Due to the fact that we are busy (a good thing), it is neccessary for us to curtail "freestyling" during wod times. Speak with Mike, David, or Katrina if you need a more specific definition of freestyling.  In the event that you wish to do supplemental strength training please join Ryan Berube's Morning class at 5:30 am.  The lifters who come at that hour are committed and knowledgeable.  Thanks for your understanding.

Also, as busy as it gets sometimes, it is natural to turn to your fellow lifters for pointers, instruction etc.  "Crowd-sourcing" works pretty well for wikipedia or making minor adjustments when lifting/stretching, but we don't love it for coaching.  As a member with experience, if you find that an athlete has a limited comprehension of what is being asked of them, please direct them to seek the help of a trainer. We are there to help and are happy to do so. If you have not been engaged by one of the gym owners specifically to offer training, please refrain from in-depth coaching.  Thank you!