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Tuesday 9.16.14

Buy In: Unloaded barbell snatch progression 5 reps each.

Snatch. Post heaviest lift to comments. (Power if you can't squat)

IF,AND ONLY IF, you feel like you have way too much time on your hands (once you're done lifting) plan to Row 2k as a finisher.

Monday 9.15.14

Its ROW TIME!!! Concept2.com. Create a logbook. Join the getBUILT Team on the Teams page. Join the Fall Rowing Challenge. Row. Watch getBUILT in the rankings. We win with you. We lose without you.

Buy In: (choose a lighter than normal kb weight or sub a dumbbell if needed)  12 reps(all done with a single kettlebell) - KB Swings, Goblet squats, goat-bag hinges, thrusters left hand, thrusters right hang, hang power snatches left hand, hang power snatches right hand.

Power cleans 7 sets of 3 progressive loading. Post heaviest set to comments

Complete 21-15-9 reps of:

KB Thrusters (use dumbbells if needed) Intentionally not "prescribing" weight.


10 minute cap



Saturday 9.13.14

9am Saturday WOD with Mike. Bring a friend.

Friday 9.12.14

Reminder: There will be no 6:30 pm WOD on Friday. We are hosting Pecha Kucha. Please come! Show up at 7:30pm

Buy In: Mobilize your tender bits! Register for the Concept 2 Fall Rowing Challenge.

For time:

Row 2000 meters.


Thursday 9.11.14

Buy In: Unloaded barbell 12 reps- back squat, push press, front squat, hang squat clean, hang power snatch.

1 Minute or 10 reps whichever comes first Squat@60%

1 Minute max reps Chest to Ball Push Ups. Help the trainer set up the boxes and balls please. 

20 minutes

We have 12 racks, so we can accomodate 24 people if we stagger the start.