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Tuesday 8.30.16

Buy in: With an unloaded barbell complete 8 reps- rdl's, hang power cleans, bent over rows, hang power snatches, klokov presses, back squats, thrusters.

Complete 10 rounds of:

1 power clean, 1 hang power clean, 1 hang squat clean, 3 thrusters. Load progressively and rest as needed between rounds. All of these reps should flow together smoothly and you should complete the set without taking a break. Record heaviest set. If you fail at any point during the round then you have not completed a round. Post questions to: askfranklin@alltheanswers.com



Monday, 8.29.16

We will return to the second cycle of 5/3/1 next week. This week will feature 8 sets of 3 reps@85-90%

Buy in: 10 reps- band shoulder complex, band pull aparts, band no money drill

Every 3 minutes complete 3 reps bench press@85-90%

Once you've finished a set of bench press, perform 3 reps L-sit chinups. If you can't complete a chin up simply hold the hanging L-sit position for a couple of seconds x3.

Friday 8.25.16

Buy In: Run 400 meters. Mobilize.

3 round fight gone bad format

Box Jumps

Kettle bell swings

Double Unders

Push Ups

Rope Climbs

Rest 1 minute between rounds.

Thursday 8.25.16

Buy in: Run 400 meters. 10 reps cat/camel, superman, bird dog, sit ups, bridges. Mobilize.

Complete 5 rounds of 8 reps each. Stay with the same weight for all 5 sets deadlifts. Not for time.


Ring Dips (sub bar,box or bench dips)

Hammer curls

Toes to Bar

Wednesday 8.24.16

Buy In: 10 reps with an unloaded barbell- hang power snatch, hang power clean, push jerk, thruster.

With a continuously running clock-

take up to 5 minutes to complete 30 reps Power Snatch. If you finish, rest 3 minutes. If you're capped rest 3 minutes (85/135)

then take up to 5 minutes to complete 30 reps Power Clean and Jerk (85/135). Rest 3 minutes

then take as long as necessary to complete

21-15-9 reps of-

thrusters (63/95)

pull ups

Record total time.

If you look at the recommended weights and think, "there's no way I can finish that fast", plan on using a lighter weight. The intended stimulus is to be short and fast.