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Registration is live for the DeMoss Capital Fitness Combine!  Details on Facebook and Eventzilla.   

Thursday 7.31.14

Buy In: 20 reps walking pigeon (10/side), 

Back Squat 1x5@50,60,70% 3x3@85%,3x1@90+%

then for time:

Complete 100 reps KB swing 35/53.   Use a "coaster" for your kettlebell.  Grab a played out 10#plate from the sled and rest your kettlebell there. 

5 minute cap.


Wednesday 7.30.14

Buy In: Beep Test for 10 minutes. Even if you don't "make it" continue running the entire time

In 20 minutes complete as many rounds as possible of:

Run 200 meters

5 Burpee Pullups ( if you happen to be scaling do a burpee, then a jumping pullup. No bands today)  

Tuesday 6.28.14

Group buy in- Run Southern Star loop.

Mobility: 5 minutes Band Freestyle

Team 2K Row. (set up the rowers outdoors if conditions are nice).

Each team member will row 500 meters, 4 times in rotating order. Teams of 3 or 4. Preset the rower for the total distance a team will row. (ex. a team of 3 will row 6000 total meters, a team of 4 will row 8000 meters). Enjoy!

Post team time to comments.


Monday 7.28.14

Buy In: as a group- 10 reps- strict pullups, strict ring dips, ghd sit-ups, wall balls, push ups

Mobility: squat prep 5 minutes

Squat Clean EMOM 2 reps@75% 12 minutes

Then: "Double Grace" 

complete 60 reps for time of Clean and Jerk.  Women's weight 63#, Men's weight 95#.  

Time cap is 7 minutes.

Saturday 7.26.14

9am Ryen rocks the house with a Games flavored 21-15-9er!

10:15 Farewell Yoga session with Abby.