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Monday, August 3 2015

Buy In: 10 reps- hip thrusts (use a bench, bodyweight), side-lying bridges, pvc good mornings, toes to bar, crunches. Samson stretch left and right side.

Deadlift 5 sets of 5 reps straight sets@80-85%

Assistance work:


barbell shrugs with a pause at the top (load=bw men/70% bw women)

front plate raises (men use a 25#plate/women 15#)[hold the plate out in front of you like a steering wheel and then raise it over your head like you're going to do walking lunges]



Saturday 8.01.15

9am All the way from Cambodia, the one, the only David Yann takes the reins. getBUILT!

Friday 7.31.15

Buy In: with apologies to all of the folks expecting deadlifts. Walk down Cowart, turn right at Urban Stack, turn right onto Market, take Market to Main, turn right come back to the gym. Play at least one round of knock-out. 10 pushups when you get bounced.

20 meters turf work: high knees, low knees, walking spiderman lunges, walking arm swings.\

For time:

Run 400 meters

25 Pullups 

50 Push Ups

Run 400 meters

25 Burpees

50 KB Swings

Run 400 meters


Thursday 7.30.15

Buy In: 10 reps Band Shoulder Complex, No money drill, pull aparts, push ups

Bench Press 5 sets of 3 reps@85%.


Behind the neck shoulder press  3 sets of 5 reps.(happy, healthy, mobile shoulders only- substitute standard shoulder press if this doesn't describe your shoulders).  A useful tidbit- shoulder presses from this position help work the lower traps. Berube you may benefit from including these in your program.

Strict chin ups (add weight if possible) 3 sets of 5 reps

Wednesday 7.29.15

Buy In:

Back Squat: 9,7,5,3,1,1,1 reps

then for time complete

50 air squats

10 barbell bodyweight squats (women's barbell weight=70%bodyweight)

40 air squats

8 barbell bodyweight squats

30 air squats

6 barbell squats

20 air squats

4 barbell squats

10 air squats

2 barbell squats.