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Monday 12.22.14

Tabata choice: Row, Double Unders, Burpees or Wall Balls

Squat and Shoulder Press: 10 reps@90+%. 

This is going to be rough. You need to bring a serious mental approach to excel today. Be a good citizen of the gym by remaining situationally aware at all times today.  Catch up on the weekend before or after the workout. Shoulder press lifts will come off the floor.  


9am Diamond David Yann cuts glass and kicks a$$!  getSOME. Bring a friend

Friday 12.19.14

Buy In: Musical med balls. You get bounced, you do 10 burpees. Take a few minutes and mobilize like the boss you are.

Complete 3 thrusters on the minute for 5 minutes. You pick the weight. It will come off of the floor.

rest 2 minutes

Complete 3 front squats on the minute for 5 minutes. You pick the weight. It will come off the floor.

rest 2 minutes

Complete 3 shoulder to overhead on the minute for 5 minutes. You pick the weight. It will come off the floor. (Pro-tip (just a tip), LEARN HOW TO EXECUTE A PROPER JERK- HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DOING THIS?)

Rack your weights. Go home.

Thursday 12.18.14

Buy In: 10 reps band shoulder complex, band ohs, ghd sit-ups. 


For time:

Run 400 meters

21 Burpees

75 Double Unders

Run 400

15 Burpees

50 Double Unders

Run 400 Meters

9 Burpees

25 Double Unders

Wednesday 12.17.2014

Buy in: Get Ready.

WOD: In teams of up to 4 people, Team 2k Plus.  Each team member will row 500 m at a time. After the athlete rows 500m, s/he will complete 11 burpees. The next team member can start rowing once the previous team member's burpees are completed.  Rotate through team members until each person has completed 2000 m and 44 burpess (4 rounds). 35 minute time cap.