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Saturday 4.19.14

9am Hurricane of Pain. getSOME!

Friday 4.18.14

Buy In: Southern Star Loop. 100 double unders for time.

Mobility: Barbell triceps smash, banded bully stretch, and another mob from the pressing/bench poster.

Squat clean 1x5, 1x3, 1x3, 1,1,1,1,1

9 minute AMRAP:

30 squat cleans

20 push press

10 snatches


Thursday 4.17.14

Buy in: Tripod tuck up to headstand. 15 reps: dumbbell curl and press, ball slams, kb swings, ring rows, handstand push ups.

For time

20 meters Handstand walk

20 Pistols

20 Ring Dips

20 King Deadlifts (bodyweight) click on the link for image

20 Chest to Bar Pullups

20 Goat bag hinge (doing this movement wrong merits a no-rep. seek perfection- don't click RX if you can't master this movement. Not sure? Ask a trainer. I'm intentionally not posting a weight prescription. You figure out what you can lift and go with it. Did I mention seek perfection?)

20 Toes to rings


Wednesday 4.16.14

Buy In: Run Crye-Leike loop (as a group)

(the clock will run continuously for this workout).

In 7 minutes

Run Crye-Leike loop. With whatever time remains, complete as many rope climbs as possible. If you finish 5 rope climbs, begin rounds of Cindy.

In 8 minutes

Run Crye-Leike loop. With whatever time remains, complete as many wall-balls as possible.

In 9 minutes

Run Crye-Leike loop. With whatever time remains, complete as many box jumps as possible. 24/30

Do not rest between rounds

Post pertinent info to comments ("wodifry" that, wodify)

Painting by Palmer Hayden

Tuesday 4.15.14

Buy In: Settle up with Uncle Sam.  With an unloaded barbell: "Sally Up" back squat (as a group).

Back Squat and Shoulder Press 5 sets of 5.

Stay at 65%. Thank me in a couple days.  Work in groups. The bar should not spend a lot of time on the rack. We're going Nascar pit crew here.

Max reps in 2 minutes of Squat clean to overhead 105/165