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Wednesday 12.07.16

Buy in: 15 reps unloaded hip thrusts on bench (loaded hip thrusts bend the benches so they're no bueno).

10 reps cat/camel, side-lying bridges, ghd situps, back extensions.

5 sets of 3 reps Deadlift progressive loading. Pro-tip: Go big here so you wreck your back and impress your kids with your inability to assume a normal, upright walking posture.

Complete 5 rounds for time of:

11 reps Deadlift 155/225

11 reps Handstand Push Ups (sub push press or kick-ups)


Tuesday 12.06.16

Buy in: Locate the puke bucket for future reference. Make some whiny comments on the blog about how burpees turn you into a festering pansy with the fortitude of a hungry toddler.

"Rowling" 5 frames. Burpees to be paid after every frame. Take a few minutes to calibrate your Watts per pull and to warm up your shoulder girdle for the chest to bar pullups. Mobiliterization. 

Complete 10 sprints of:

5 Chest to bar Pullups

10 Burpees

15 Pulls on the Rower.  In this case a "pull" will be defined for women as 1.5x Bodyweight Watts and Double Bodyweight Watts for men. You may pull 20-30 times but only the pulls meeting the above criteria count.

Rest as needed between efforts. Record your fastest and slowest effort.

Monday 12.05.16

Buy in: Complete 1 round of the complex below with an unloaded barbell. Please do not drop unloaded barbells on the floor. Ever. Thanks. Mobilize.

Not for time. Complete 7 sets of the following Barbell Complex-

5 reps of each movement in unbroken fashion. Rest about 2-3 minutes between rounds. Weight should be challenging but not death-defying. 65# for women and 115 for men should be about right but I'm not designating a specific weight.  Save that for later in the week ;) 

Romanian Deadlift>Hang Power Snatch>Overhead Squat>Front Rack Reverse Lunge(5each side)>Push Press


Saturday 12.03.16

No 9am Workout today because its Main Street Mile Day!!!  I will get to the gym by 9:45 to open up. We will depart to head out to the start of the Parade Route at about 10:15. 

Main Street Mile "rules"

1. You have to wear a costume to run.

2. Your 10.00 donation will be given to the Austin Hatcher Foundation.

3. Have fun!

Friday 12.02.2016

Buy in: Tabata jumping jacks, Mobilize

Prepare for the WoD

Wod: Jailbreak

For time run down Broad Street to 2nd Street. Turn right on 2nd, then left on Market heading towards the river. Make your way down "The Passage" and touch the end of the pavement at the river. Perform 100 Pushups in the shaded area alongside the water. Run back down Market, turning right on Cowart Street and return via the garage door.


Day 19 of burpee challenge.  Feel free do 19 burpees.  If you're behind on your burpees, catch up today!