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Monday 5.21.18

Buy in: 5 reps each movement. getREADY!!! 


for time complete
Crye-Leike Loop
25 pullups
then partition as desired
100 wall balls
140 kb swings
180 push ups
25 pullups (not part of the partition equation)
Crye-Leike Loop
The gym is set up in a specific fashion for multiple reasons.  There are designated areas for wall balls, kb swings and push ups.  A wall of boxes 24" high separates these areas.  You must go over the boxes to transition from movement to movement. I don't expect you to comprehend. In fact, I'm surprised you're still reading at this point.  Just show up and we'll talk you through it. Cheers!

KB swings should take place in between the rows of boxes. Please use a coaster. Thanks!!!



Saturday 5.19.18

9am getREKT with Nasty Nate!!!

Friday 5.18.18

Buy in:Rowling 10 Frames. Mobilize. 5 reps each movement.

AMRAP 3 minutes- Bench Press 83/135

Rest 1 minute

AMRAP 2 minutes- Push Press 73/115

Rest 1 minute

AMRAP 1 minute- Shoulder Press 63/95

Rest 1 minute

AMRAP 3 minutes-Deadlift 83/135

Rest 1 minute

AMRAP 2 minutes- Back Squat 73/115

Rest 1 minute

AMRAP 1 minute- Thrusters 63/95

Thursday 5.17.18

Buy in:5 reps Unloaded barbell Snatch Progression. Mobilize.

Power Snatch 5x2 progressive loading

For time complete 21-15-9 reps of:

Row/Bike for Calories

Snatch 63/115


15 minute time cap. Load accordingly.

Wednesday 5.16.2018

For time complete:

50 Handstand Push Ups (sub dumbbell push press)

50 Toes to Bar

50 Ball Slams

50 Sit Ups

50 Overhead Walking Lunges 25/45

50 Good mornings w/unloaded barbell 33/45

50 Ring Dips

Do not partition. Order is unimportant.