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Pay for your classes online

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Monday 9.26.2016

Buy in: 5 reps unloaded barbell clean progression. Mobilize.

Find your max clean and jerk. Squat not required.

Saturday 9.24.16

8:30 am. Rowing 

9am WOD

10:30am Rowing

Come join in on some or all of the fun.  Your mom is going to be there! Bring a friend and their mom too!

Friday 9.23.16

Buy in: High five a trainer!Remove your sleeves.Salute the flag. Tabata shoulder progression with 2.5 or 5#plates.  Lateral raises, front raises, rear delt flyes, push backs, repeat. Mobilize.

Bench Press: 1x5@65%,2x3@75%,1x max reps@85%

finisher: Run the getBUILT mile

Thursday 9.22.16

Buy in: 1 minute per side- couch stretch, pigeon, capatain morgan stretch.

Back squat: 1x5@65,2x3@75,1x max reps@85%

20 meter Walking overhead lunge (barbell) unbroken.

Wednesday 9.21.16

Buy in: unloaded barbell complex-8 reps each of thrusters,hang power cleans,back squat, behind the neck strict press, hang power snatch, rdl.

Thrusters: 1x5@65%,2x3@75% 1x max reps@85%

then for time:

15 reps: thrusters, power snatches, run 200 meters

12 reps: thrusters, power snatches, run 400 meters

9 reps: thrusters, power snatches, run 800 meters