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Tuesday 5.05.15

Buy In: One set unloaded barbell complex (5 reps/movement)

A barbell complex for the uninitiated,uninformed or uninspired, involves working continuously to complete all the reps in the set and not breaking up the work by dropping the barbell:

In 25 minutes complete as many complexes as possible. In all likelihood, you'll need some recovery time. Take it. If you rush through this work with crappy form, your spine will reward you with Quasimodo posture on the following day.

5 reps all movements where you finish one exercise before moving to the next-

Squat clean>Push Press>Back Squat>RDL>Pendlay Row


Monday 5.04.15

Buy In: Run the Southern Star loop. Tabata Downdog progression. Mobilize as needed.

Front Squat 2x5@65%,2x3@75%,1x Max reps@85%

In 12 minutes complete as many rounds as possible of:

5 strict pullups OR chins

10 KB Swings

15 Wall balls

Saturday 5.02.15

9am your boy Preston is bringing the joy. beTHERE! and bring a friend.

Friday, 5.01.15

Buy In: Deadlift, Thruster prep.

Deadlift, Thruster- 2x3@60,70% 1x Max reps@80%


Thursday 4.30.15

Buy In: Tabata Double unders. Running mobility. The MWOD poster on Running is your friend.

This WOD is 30 minutes long. You will run 400 meters and rest exactly one minute. For example, if you return from your first run at 1:28, you run back out the door at 2:28. Complete as many rounds as possible.