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Tuesday 11.25.14

Buy In: 22 burpees. 12 reps- bridges, side-lying bridges, superman,ghd sit-ups, toes to bar,band pull-aparts.

Deadlift 2x5@55%,2x5@65%,1xMax reps@75%

Bench Press 2x5@55%,2x5@65%,1xMax reps@75%




Monday 11.24.14

Programming note for this week: We are back to week 1 of our 5/3/1 regimen for our 4 main lifts (squat, shoulder press, deadlift, bench press).  Provided you hit your numbers during the previous cycle you are going to (pay close attention) add 10 pounds to your 1rm on lower body lifts and add 5 pounds on your upper body lifts.  If you did not experience great success during the 1st cycle I would strongly encourage you to take your ego out of the equation and work off of a revised, lighter 1RM. Just so you know, plan to stick with the same 1RM for the duration of the cycle. Avoid the temptation of bumping up your theoretical number mid-cycle.

Buy In:Read the programming note above. 21 Burpees. Downdog progression, tabata style. 10 reps band shoulder complex.

Squat 1x5@55%,1x5@65%,1xMax reps@75%

Shoulder Press 1x5@55%,1x5@65%,1xMax reps@75%

Finisher 100 Double Unders for time

Saturday 11.22.14

9am goTIME with Mike

Friday 11.21.14

Buy In: Run Crye-Leike Loop. 18 Burpees.

For time, complete 50 turkish get-ups. Not specifying a weight intentionally. That's 50 total, not per side.

Thursday 11.20.14

Buy In: Run Crye-Leike loop. Tabata downdog progression.

Team Challenge

In teams of up to 4 complete as many rounds as possible in 24 minutes of:

Row 250 meters

5 burpees

10 Back Squats (95/135).

You cannot leapfrog. Post total team rounds to Wodify. Billy does 11 rounds, Jack does 11, Sasha does 11, total team rounds= 33. Yeah, I know, you want to see pics of Sasha.